4 Iconic Melbourne Logos and What Makes Them Work: BrandVillage’s Analysis

Do you want to create an Australia-centered brand? In that case, you will need elements representing Australia, especially in your logos. 

Every logo is important for any business because it is more than just a graphic symbol. A clean and unique logo is your free pass to establishing a strong identity, especially in Melbourne’s competitive market. 

Your logo is the first visual interaction between you and your customers. So, it would help if you aced in designing it. But what makes the top logo? For that, you need to understand the process of logo creation in Melbourne by BrandVillage.

Let’s understand the factors that contribute to the popularity of a logo from the lens of the top logo designers of Melbourne, BrandVillage. Having helped 100+ clients across Melbourne, BrandVillage can help you understand the criteria that took these logos from 0 to 1. 

Top 4 Logos of Melbourne and Why They’re Popular?

If you want to design the best logos for your business in Melbourne, you must also know some of the most popular ones. Knowing why some logos are famous will also help you integrate elements that can establish relatability with you. 

Some of the most popular logos of Melbourne of all time are as follows:


Qantas Airways’ logo is undoubtedly one of the most famous ones in Melbourne. The flying kangaroo logo, with its twist, is quite renowned as an Australian symbol. Since its introduction in 1994, the Qantas Airways logo has undergone massive changes. 

The original logo of Qantas Airways represented a kangaroo inscription on a one-dollar coin. While the logo has undergone severe changes, its most recent change was unveiled in 2007. The current logo of Qantas costs almost 1 million dollars.

The representation of a kangaroo against a bold red backdrop caters significantly to the brand requirements. Apart from that, it also plays a vital role in establishing sentiments because of its Australian connection. Furthermore, the simple, minimalist, consistent logo reflects Qantas’s brand ideals. 

City of Melbourne

When discussing Melbourne’s most popular logos, one must include the City of Melbourne logo. The city deserves its logo for being the cultural capital of the continent. 

The designers had initially tried to create the logo in 2009, but they failed. However, they tried once again and needless to say, it was a total success. The use of shards of glass not only added aesthetic value but was also easy to remember. The representation of ‘M’ as shards of glass stands true to the multiculturalism of Melbourne. 

The abstract design of M with a combination of shades of green led to fostering a unique identity for the city.

Note: Did you know Fantasia Mic Plaza, a mall in Shenzhen, China, copied the exact logo of the City of Melbourne?

Melbourne Logos

Australia Post

If you look at the logos of most popular post offices, you’ll notice one thing that is common in all of them- their colour. Most of the post offices use red as the primary colour of their logo design. The Australia Post is no different to it. 

A major reason why these businesses use red colour is because they are into public service. The colour red of Australia Post aligns with the identity of Australia Post as a public service. The combination of red and white for a simple typeface font is easy to remember. 

They have a unique and simple logo design, with the visual element just a simple ‘P’. The P within the circle reflects the ability of the brand to deliver posts globally. 

Melbourne Logos


One of the largest supermarket chains in Australia, Woolworths has numerous supermarkets in Melbourne. The unique typeface, element combination and colour choices play an important role in establishing their logo as powerful and memorable. 

The icon of their logo represents W but in an apple-like design. The brand name and tagline are presented just below the icon in a vibrant combination of green and red. Each of these elements caters to the brand’s promise of delivering fresh foods to the people of Australia. 

The brand faced legal challenges when one of the companies lodged a complaint against them for using their logo. 

Melbourne Logos

What Makes for Top Logos in Melbourne?

As suggested earlier, some characteristics played a huge role in making up these unique logos of Melbourne. Here’s how you can get one of the best logos in Melbourne for you, too:

  • It is best to use simple fonts and colours to make the logo easy to remember. 
  • You should consider using more than one colour in your logo to make an impact. 
  • Use negative space strategically to add an interesting element to the logo. 
  • The logo should be simple to be used easily on the online and offline front. 

Role of BrandVillage in Delivering the Best Logos

Over the years, BrandVillage has established itself as a leader in logo design across Melbourne. With the expertise that they hold, they create not only simple but also easy-to-remember logo designs that resonate with your audience in Melbourne. These factors could come together in establishing logos catering to the basic requirements for brand identity. 

Final Thoughts

Most brands have grown their business in London only because they have good-quality logos. These logos and their service excellence catered to the audience’s needs while establishing their authority. These basic factors played a huge role in establishing a unique brand identity. If these businesses in Melbourne can make it through, you can, too. All you need is an expert logo designer like BrandVillage by your side. Contact them to know more!

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