Basic Buying Guide for Hot Tubs

The hustle and bustle of daily life is real and comes with a lot of physical strain and stress. Some people resort to medication to be able to make it from one day to the next. However, that is not the best way to handle stress and fatigue; enter hot tubs! 

Hot tubs are contraptions that are designed for relaxation and hydrotherapy. Just as the name implies, it is a tub that is filled with hot water. It is big enough to accommodate at least 2 people. This contraption affords the user a lot of health benefits and can be described as a personal (home) spa.  They are also referred to as plunge baths, Jacuzzi, whirlpool baths, or saunas. 

In this article, we will briefly point out some of the health benefits of these contraptions, factors that affect the price, and tips on how to get the best one for you. 

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs 

Apart from recreation, every homeowner is encouraged to have a hot tub because of its health benefits. Find below some of those health benefits:- 

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety 
  2. Helps users to sleep better 
  3. Helps with inflammation 
  4. Aids quick recovery from injury 
  5. Helps to improve blood circulation in the body
  6. Helps user to increase range of movement in the body 
  7. Helps to lower blood pressure 
  8. Helps with weight loss 

You can visit this site: for a detailed discourse on the health benefits of hot tubs. 

Factors that Impact the Price of a Hot Tub

The following factors either add up to the price of a home spa or reduce it:-

Material of Construction 

The material the spa is made of determines how costly it will be. It also impacts on its durability. So find below in descending order based on price some of the materials that are used for manufacturing these tubs:- 

  1. Acrylic – This is the most durable material and also the costliest 
  2. Vinyl- This is the next in line as it is not as expensive as the 1st option. However, it doesn’t retain heat as well as Acrylic and also does not last as long 
  3. Rotomolded Plastic- This is the next option for people who can’t afford the 1st 2 materials. 


The size of the tub also determines how much it will cost. These contraptions range from 2-person size to party size which can accommodate up to 10 persons. So it goes without saying that the 2-person size will be cheaper than the party size while the party size will be costlier than the 2-person size.  


There are two major types of Jacuzzis, and they are in-ground and above-ground. The in-ground ones are those that are installed into the ground while the above ground is those that can be placed anywhere without the need to excavate soil to install them.  Read this article for more details about the different types of hot tubs. 

Of course, the in-ground model will be more expensive due to the hassles of excavation, electrical wirings, plumbing, and other logistics. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Hot Tub for You

Based on the knowledge of factors that affect the price of a hot tub, find below some things to bear in mind and tips that will help you make the best choice for you: – 

Consider Available Space

Before you go shopping, consider the space available for the installation of your spa. This will help you determine whether to go for an in-ground model or above ground. It will also help you know the appropriate shape that will fit perfectly into the space you have. 

Consider the Number of Users

The number of persons that you expect to use the tub per time is also a factor to consider. This will help you pick the right size. 

Consider your Budget

It is financially prudent to have a budget for a project of this nature. You cannot just up and begin to shop for a spa without considering your finances. Proper consideration of your finances will help you know your limit or how far you can go to splurge on additional features or not. 

Consider Building Codes and Government Regulations

Every state and region in the country has specific regulations as regards this type of addition to a home. For example, people who want to install hot tubs in Livonia, Michigan must find out what it entails. You cannot assume that the building codes and regulations of California will be the same as that of Michigan. To be on the safe side, you need to find out from your homeowner’s association because some HOAs have specific codes for installing pools, spas, and add-ons to a home.  


Apart from the tips we have shared above, we recommend that you consult with experts before making a choice. This is because these professionals are in the best position to guide you based on superior knowledge. However, the process will be more seamless/productive if you have a basic knowledge of what you want, hence the need to bear the information shared here in mind as you proceed. 

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