Best Gaming Blogs for European Users

The gaming scene is growing faster than many could have imagined, mainly thanks to the internet and rapidly evolving technology. Even the online casino scene is at an all-time high, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic that pushed gamblers to internet platforms more than ever. Well, as exciting as gambling is, that’s not the type of gaming we’ll be discussing today – our focus on today’s post is video gaming and where you can source the most reliable insights.

In the video gaming realm, developers release new updates and games every other day to keep up with the never-ending needs of their audiences. So, given the variety of currently available options, it can be tough for the average European gamer to discern what content is relevant for them. Lucky for you, if you are a gamer in Europe hunting for a reliable blog that will always point you in the right direction, we’ve got your back.

We have cherry-picked some of the finest blogs in the video gaming scene, largely suited to a European audience. The sites we selected stand out in many ways, scoring highly in all our vital selection criteria. To help you understand why we encourage you to check out the top blogs, we’ll start by explaining our rationale for picking these blog sites and what qualities we were looking for. Here we go!

How We Picked the Gaming Blogs

Seeing as there are tons of thematic blogs to skim through online, we narrowed down our search for the best based on the following guiding factors:

  • Frequency of Releasing Content: Our top picks frequently publish content at least a couple of times a week to keep audiences engaged;
  • Niche: The selected blogs feature a wide variety of games spanning different genres, making them a reliable outlet for all the games-related content you could think of;
  • User Interface: These blogs are easy to access and navigate without being bombarded with ads that hinder the user experience;
  • Media Used: Our enlisted sites use crisp photos and HD videos to enhance the readership experience so that players don’t have to rely on their imagination when reading the published content;
  • Quality of the Writing: Website content is curated in simple, concise, and easy-to-understand language. The ideas are well thought out and relayed without fluff or incomprehensible jargon.

With that in mind, here are the top four thematic blogs for European users.


Based in Germany, Gamestar is Germany’s biggest review outlet for PC games. With 4.94 million active users and almost 28 million monthly visits, it is one of the biggest blogs in Europe based on the said fan base and readership. But the numbers haven’t come about by mistake. This blog has earned its rightful place at the pinnacle of blog posts in Europe. Besides splendid reviews, GamesStar also hosts the largest games-related portal, GSPB (Gamestar Pinboard), which is focused on the German market and accessible in more than 150 countries worldwide.


Previously known as Videogaming247, this site was founded in 2008 and resulted from a direct partnership between veteran journalist Patrick Garratt and the Eurogamer Network. The UK-based platform has carved out a great name for itself among the masses with its relatable and up-to-date games-related content.

Initially, when it was launched, this site was based on news, previews, and interviews. However, with its rebrand in 2009, the platform started hosting reviews, and since then, its brand has soared, being nominated twice in 2008 and 2009 for Best Website and Best Online Blog at the Games Media Awards.

Guardian Games Blog

As you can already tell, the Guardian Games Blog is drawn from one of the largest news corporations in the UK, The Guardian. While many blog sites today offer hurried reviews filled with screenshots, unchecked facts, and some inaccurate reporting or statistics, the Guardian Games Blog is a breath of fresh air.

This blog site provides insightful and well-thought-out reviews in tandem with its parent company’s good name in the news sphere. This site’s analysis and opinions on gaming are always balanced and well-researched. The user interface is neat, as you’d expect of a prominent publication, and the articles on this site are always interesting to read.

Rock Paper Shotgun

Rock Paper Shotgun is a UK-based blog site launched in July 2007 by four Freelancers for Future Publishing. It was, however, sold to a series of network sites led by Eurogamer in 2017. The platform hosts raving reviews of PC games and has a strong team of acclaimed gaming critics who cover various topics. You’ll find anything from breaking news about the latest releases to updates on newly launched titles in the video gaming expanse.

Dive Into the Gaming World With Experts!

As a gamer scouring the internet for the best reviews, latest updates about your favorite games, or news covering the gaming sector, you should look for a simple blog site that speaks to you. For sure, you will never go wrong with the four that we’ve discussed today, as they fit a gamer’s needs like a glove.

Of course, not all the best thematic blogs are subsidiaries of mainstream magazines or newspapers like the Guardian. Moreover, the finest blogs also don’t necessarily attract traffic as massive as the numbers recorded by German-based Gamestar. Go for websites that seamlessly capture the video gamer’s spirit. Like our top-four selection, a gaming blog worth your while must be informative, fun, and engaging with adequate visuals!

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