Denis Korotkov-Koganovich Biography: Oracle Capital Group’s Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region

Exploring the biography of Denis Korotkov-Koganovich reveals a distinguished investor, and the proprietor of Oracle Capital Group, a prominent multi-family office serving clients from Asia and Eastern Europe. In this exclusive discussion, Denis provides insights into Oracle Capital Group’s activities related to investing in the Asia-Pacific area, shedding light on the firm’s strategic direction and future aspirations.

Denis Korotkov-Koganovich: Biography and Strategy

Interviewer: Denis Korotkov-Koganovich, can you provide further details regarding the investment avenues Oracle Capital Group has explored or actively engaged in within the Asia-Pacific region?

Denis: Absolutely. Oracle Capital Group is honing in on burgeoning sectors driven by escalating consumer spending in the Asia-Pacific domain. Our investment strategies pivot around industries witnessing substantial growth, encompassing retail, consumer finance, agriculture, media, and real estate. We discern vast opportunities emerging from the surge in discretionary income among the middle class, urbanization trends, and infrastructure development.

Interviewer: From an investment standpoint, which countries in the region hold particular appeal for you?

Denis: While we endorse a sector-focused approach over a nation-centric strategy, China remains a compelling prospect for us in the long haul. The introduction of new governmental initiatives and the burgeoning domestic consumption landscape present compelling opportunities. Nonetheless, concerns loom regarding diminishing returns on investments and the prevalence of non-performing loans. India, with its favorable demographic landscape and potential to nurture world-class enterprises, also garners significant attention despite challenges pertaining to infrastructure and political dynamics. Japan’s reflationary endeavors pose challenges amid mounting public debt and demographic headwinds, albeit it exhibits positive momentum. Moreover, Thailand, the Philippines, and Myanmar remain markets of interest.

Interviewer: In your view, what are the principal hurdles and risks associated with conducting business in Asia?

Denis: Negotiating day-to-day corruption, grappling with regulatory intricacies, and surmounting linguistic barriers constitute substantial obstacles for us in the Asian landscape. While we maintain an optimistic outlook on China’s growth trajectory, apprehensions persist regarding the prospect of a sharp economic downturn. Similarly, Japan’s extensive quantitative easing strategy raises concerns amidst its colossal public debt burden and demographic constraints.

Oracle Capital Group & Denis Korotkov-Koganovich

Interviewer: Has Oracle Capital Group been actively investing and conducting business in Asia for an extended period?

Denis: While our foray into the Asian arena is relatively recent, we are diligently endeavoring to establish our footprint. With our Chairman, Martin Graham, bringing extensive regional experience to the table, we are in the process of establishing offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Our overarching objective is to leverage our proficiency and cater to the burgeoning affluent middle class in Asia by offering a comprehensive suite of services, for example managing assets and establishing structure for wealth.

Interviewer: Denis Korotkov-Koganovich, how do you perceive the evolution of the multi-family office market in Asia?

Denis: We staunchly believe that this idea resonates well with the requirements of Asian clientele. The burgeoning affluent middle class in Asia presents a significant business opportunity for us. Given their diverse needs encompassing wealth management, educational pursuits, and emigration assistance, multi-family offices are ideally positioned to address these demands. We envisage expanding our operations in Asia, emulating our success in Europe, and encouraging economic relations between Asia and Eastern Europe.

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