How Can You Earn Real Money In Roblox?

Unlike Minecraft, Roblox offers a much more varied capacity for gameplay-the development isn’t restricted to just one set of devs focusing on a direction, but lots of independent developers working on whatever the feel like. The overall platform is largely catered for the younger demograph, but in no way does that restrict anyone from turning this incredibly popular platform into a source of income.

Today we are going to be covering different ways that users can earn real money through Roblox. Let’s get started!

Note: Roblox rewards players with their in game currency, Robux, which can then be converted into real money. More on that later

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Become A Roblox Developer

As mentioned earlier, what sets Roblox apart is that it allows users to create their own games using the game’s provided environment builder known as Roblox Studio.. Once users create a game, they can integrate special items or power ups within their created games which they can sell for Robux. Not to mention that developers also get paid based on the amount of time spent by other players on their game.

Design And Sell Roblox Items

If making games seems too hard of a task, there is a simpler way to make money in Roblox: avatar items. These Roblox items can be designed and uploaded to the Roblox Marketplace where other players can purchase them.


The business model here is pretty straightforward-someone purchases an item, the creator gets paid. Users can create both 2D and 3D items. 3D cosmetics are harder to create, and will require Blender or similar software.

Enrolling in the DevEx Program

This is a must-do for players who decide to become a developer and/or sell items. The DevEx program is what allows users to convert their in game currency, Robux, into actual money. Roblox has a conversion rate for Robux that changes over time. In order to enrol in the DevEx program, players must have earned at least 30,000 Robux in the game (earned, not purchased), and be at least 13 years of age.

Become A Content Creator

It is not necessary to learn basic game development or have a knack for designing in order to make money from Roblox. Players can also make content about the game and monetize it in order to make their hobby into a revenue. There are many Twitch streamers and YouTubers out there with millions of subscribers making Roblox content, and earning a comfortable amount of money while doing it. Not to mention all the opportunities that come with content creation such as sponsorships and brand affiliation

These were all the way of earning real money in Roblox. Which method of earning is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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