Its My First Time Getting Married

“It’s My First Time Getting Married” revolves around the life of Asuka Takanashi, a successful career woman who, despite her achievements in the professional world, faces the daunting prospect of marriage for the first time. The manga delicately balances Asuka’s personal and professional life, offering readers a glimpse into her struggles, aspirations, and the intricate dynamics of modern relationships in Japan.

Plot Overview

The story begins with Asuka Takanashi, a 24-year-old office worker known for her dedication and competence at work. As a young woman focused on her career, marriage hasn’t been a priority until she unexpectedly meets Ryu Nanami, a 40-year-old divorcee and single father. Their initial encounter sparks an unconventional romance that challenges both characters’ perceptions of love, marriage, and societal expectations.

As the series progresses, readers witness Asuka navigating the complexities of adult relationships, blending her independent spirit with the realities of commitment and companionship. Ryu, on the other hand, learns to balance his responsibilities as a father with his desire for a second chance at love. Together, they explore themes of personal growth, family dynamics, and the evolving definition of happiness in contemporary Japan.


Asuka Takanashi: The protagonist of the series, Asuka is portrayed as a driven and independent young woman who initially views marriage with skepticism. Her journey throughout the manga explores themes of self-discovery and emotional vulnerability, showcasing her evolution from a career-focused individual to someone capable of embracing love and companionship.

Ryu Nanami: A 40-year-old single father and divorcee, Ryu is depicted as a caring and supportive partner to Asuka. His character development revolves around themes of second chances, fatherhood, and the challenges of starting anew after a failed marriage. Ryu’s interactions with Asuka highlight their contrasting perspectives on love and commitment, contributing to the manga’s engaging narrative.

Supporting Characters: The series features a diverse cast of supporting characters who enrich the storyline with their distinct personalities and experiences. From colleagues and friends to family members, each character contributes to Asuka and Ryu’s journey, offering insights into various facets of modern relationships and societal norms.

Themes Explored

Love and Relationships

“It’s My First Time Getting Married” delves into the complexities of romantic relationships, emphasizing communication, understanding, and compromise. As Asuka and Ryu navigate their feelings for each other, the manga explores different forms of love and the emotional growth that accompanies genuine connection.

Career and Personal Fulfillment

The manga addresses the balance between professional ambitions and personal happiness, particularly through Asuka’s journey. Her dedication to her career initially shapes her identity, but her evolving relationship with Ryu challenges her to reassess her priorities and aspirations.

Family Dynamics

Ryu’s role as a single father adds layers to the narrative, showcasing the joys and challenges of parenthood. The manga examines the impact of familial responsibilities on personal relationships, highlighting the importance of support and understanding within a family unit.

Societal Expectations

Through its characters’ experiences, “It’s My First Time Getting Married” critiques societal expectations surrounding marriage, age gaps in relationships, and gender roles. The manga encourages readers to question conventional norms and embrace authenticity in their pursuit of love and fulfillment.

Art and Style

Kousuke Oono’s artwork complements the manga’s narrative with its expressive character designs and dynamic panel layouts. The illustrations capture the characters’ emotions and interactions, enhancing the storytelling experience through visual storytelling techniques. Oono’s ability to blend humor with poignant moments contributes to the manga’s unique charm and appeal to a diverse audience.

Cultural Impact and Reception

Since its serialization, “It’s My First Time Getting Married” has resonated with readers for its heartfelt portrayal of love, personal growth, and social commentary. The manga’s exploration of mature themes and its nuanced characterization have earned critical acclaim within the manga community and beyond. Its popularity reflects a growing interest in narratives that challenge traditional storytelling conventions and celebrate diverse perspectives on relationships.


“It’s My First Time Getting Married” stands out as a compelling manga series that combines romance, comedy, and social commentary with skillful storytelling and expressive artwork. Through its relatable characters and thought-provoking themes, the manga invites readers to reflect on love, relationships, and the pursuit of happiness in a modern society. As Asuka and Ryu’s journey unfolds, so too does a narrative that resonates with audiences seeking stories that are both entertaining and introspective.

Whether you’re drawn to its humor, its romance, or its exploration of societal norms, “It’s My First Time Getting Married” continues to captivate readers with its sincerity and depth. As the series continues to evolve, it promises to further enrich its narrative tapestry while reaffirming its place as a beloved gem in contemporary manga literature.

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