Making Your Home A Great Airbnb Stay!

Say you have a lovely home in a really terrific location. Even so, you love to travel and would like to go on an extended holiday, but are coming up a bit short on funds! It’s a shame that you can’t go, but maybe there is a way to make it all happen you haven’t thought of yet! Look around your home and ask yourself “If I were a traveller, is this the kind of place I might like to stay in for a while?” If the answer is “Yes!” then you might have the makings of a fantastic Airbnb stay location!

You want to get away from home for a while, and someone else might want to get away to your home for a while, it’s a win-win situation! Your next step is to contact your local Airbnb management company so they can help you get your home prepared and listed as a potential Airbnb rental!

Once you have all the necessary paperwork filled out and have your insurance policies ready, you can begin to prepare your home to host its new guests! The following are some of the issues you will need to address:

Cleaning And Maintenance – It is essential that your home be practically spotless if you intend to rent it out as an Airbnb stay. Having your place nice and tidy will make your guests feel more comfortable and will help ensure you receive a stellar review to help bring future guests in. Things to check for are clogged drains, grimy fixtures, dirty windows, and dusty furniture! It would be best to hire a professional cleaning service to come lend a hand, particularly for the floors and carpets. Also, make sure that the lightbulbs are all functioning as well as the air conditioning and heating system. Maintaining a clean, comfortable space for your guests is the key to success!

House Manual – Every home has its quirks, and you don’t want to leave any unexpected surprises behind for your guests that might mar their enjoyment. If the radiator makes a strange sound every night go ahead and warn them so they don’t go looking for a prowler! Be clear about any rooms or storage spaces that are off limits, give them any necessary alarm passwords for your security system, and discuss any local curfews or quiet hours so as not to disturb your neighbours, you wouldn’t want to come home to find the lady next door angry about that wild party your guests threw while you were away! 

Create A Cozy Space – This is your chance to do some redecorating and to maybe move the furniture around in order to make your home more accessible and give your guests a sense of cosiness. Clean up any clutter and give them fluffy pillows and throw rugs to enjoy as well as provide some complimentary house slippers they can keep as a souvenir!

Wi-Fi – These days you simply must provide free Wi-Fi for your guests or they will find another place to stay, it’s that important! If you have a streaming service share the password so they can enjoy it, too!

Making your home a great Airbnb stay destination is fun for everybody!

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