Meet the Top 2024 Kentucky Derby Contenders

The Kentucky Derby, known as the “Run for the Roses,” stands as one of the most prestigious and anticipated events in the world of horse racing. As the 2024 edition approaches, enthusiasts and punters alike are eager to identify the top contenders vying for glory at Churchill Downs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable contenders for the 2024 Kentucky Derby. And who knows? Maybe a closer look at the top contenders is just what you need to win some big cash payouts this year.

Sierra Leone

If you’re into kentucky derby betting online, you know this contender is the favorite in the Kentucky Derby. Sierra Leone is a promising colt with untapped potential. 

Trained by a seasoned handler with a keen eye for talent, Sierra Leone has steadily progressed through the ranks, notching impressive victories and demonstrating his ability to excel over various distances and track conditions. With a combination of natural talent and tactical nous, Sierra Leone emerges as a dark horse capable of springing a surprise on the biggest stage.


Dornoch emerges as a compelling contender for the 2024 Kentucky Derby, boasting an impressive pedigree and a string of notable performances. With renowned horseman Aidan O’Brien, Dornoch has showcased his prowess on both turf and dirt surfaces, displaying versatility and adaptability—a crucial asset in the demanding environment of the Kentucky Derby. 

With a blend of speed, stamina, and tactical understanding, Dornoch has captured the attention of racing enthusiasts and is poised to make a strong bid for victory on Derby Day.

Track Phantom

Track Phantom emerges as a formidable contender for the 2024 Kentucky Derby, boasting speed, stamina, and resilience that bodes well for success on the sport’s grandest stage. 

With the help of a seasoned mentor known for producing top-class performers, Track Phantom has garnered attention with his commanding victories and gritty performances against top-level competition. With a track record steeped in racing royalty and a relentless will to win, Track Phantom is a legitimate threat in the quest for Derby glory.


True to his name, Fierceness emerges as a contender with an unyielding spirit and a burning desire for victory in the Kentucky Derby. Trained to the bone by a master tactician renowned for bringing out the best in his charges, Fierceness has displayed a blend of raw talent and tenacity that sets him apart from his rivals. 

With a series of eye-catching performances and a proven ability to handle the rigors of elite competition, Fierceness is poised to make his presence felt in the Derby field.

Mystik Dan

Mystik Dan emerges as a wildcard entry in the lineup of contenders for the 2024 Kentucky Derby, bringing an element of unpredictability and intrigue to the proceedings. A rising star in the training ranks, Mystik Dan has captured attention with his flashy performances and electrifying turn of foot. 

While lacking the pedigree of some of his rivals, Mystik Dan compensates with sheer athleticism and a fearless attitude on the racetrack. With the potential to spring a surprise and upset the established order, Mystik Dan is a name to watch on Derby Day.


Locked emerges as a contender with untapped potential and the ability to spring a surprise on the road to the Kentucky Derby. Locked has steadily progressed through the ranks, showcasing flashes of brilliance and a willingness to compete against top-level competition. With a pedigree that suggests untapped potential and a competitive fire that burns bright, Locked is a dark horse capable of making his presence felt on the Derby trail.


Hades emerges as a contender with a name that evokes power, intensity, and determination—essential for success in the Kentucky Derby. Hades was trained by a seasoned veteran with a proven track record of producing top-class performers, Hades has displayed a blend of speed, stamina, and tactical understanding that bodes well for success on racing’s biggest stage. Hades  steeped in determination and a competitive spirit that knows no bounds, Hades is poised to make his mark in the annals of Derby history along with history’s greats.

Final Words

As the 2024 Kentucky Derby countdown intensifies, the racing world eagerly anticipates the showdown among these formidable contenders. From casual goers to veteran bettors, everyone is vying for their favorites this year. With pedigrees steeped in racing royalty, training regimes honed to perfection, and a burning desire for victory, these horses represent the pinnacle of equine athleticism and determination. 

Whether it’s the seasoned veterans or the rising stars, each contender brings a unique blend of talent, tenacity, and ambition to the Kentucky Derby stage this year. As the field converges at Churchill Downs on Derby Day, fans can expect nothing short of a spectacle as these contenders vie for their place in racing history.

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