Test-automated Oracle Managed Cloud Services

You might have thought about collaborating with an Oracle Managed Cloud Services provider for your testing requirements. One such provider is Opkey – a no-code test automation platform for all your patches, quarterly updates, and everyday business requirements for Oracle Cloud Services. Opkey can help you minimize risk, cut expenses, raise test coverage, and get the most out of your Oracle investment. Testing for updates, patches, business process modifications, and other things is automated by its AI-powered platform.

What is offered in Oracle Managed Cloud Services?

Continuous Testing: Opkey’s test automation tool ensures that frequent updates and patches are tested in hours rather than days.

Management of Change: Opkey’s Impact Analysis helps you promptly certify your Oracle Cloud quarterly upgrades by highlighting important updates and changes and providing high-level test assistance.

Application Monitoring: Increase the efficiency of your existing Oracle applications with Opkey’s no-code test automation platform.

Compliance Readiness: Safeguard Oracle applications with continuous real-time monitoring via a thorough security and compliance program.

The easiest way to get through your Oracle quarterly patch updates: Keeping up with each Oracle quarterly patch update is a cumbersome process. It is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and, if improperly tested, might put your company at risk. Opkey’s certification for Oracle Managed Cloud guarantees:

  • You have the best possible test coverage for every business process.
  • In just three days, your applications will be fully validated and ready for release.
  • Instead of testing, your technical and business users can dedicate their time to activities that bring value.

Problems Opkey Solves for Customers

Creating end-to-end tests: With support for over 15 packaged apps and 150 technologies, Opkey empowers customers to automate single-app and cross-app tests without coding.

Slow test creation time: Opkey employs a no-code, drag-and-drop test builder & test recorder that enables any non-technical employee to scale test automation in minutes. Customers can use Opkey’s 30,000 pre-built and automated test components right away.

Slow test execution time: Opkey’s Virtual Machines execute tests 8X faster than humans. Opkey clients may finish test cycles in a fraction of the time it takes to manually certify thanks to high-speed test automation. They are the speediest testing automation platform in the industry.

Inconvenient test maintenance: Opkey provides an Impact Analysis report with each scheduled application upgrade that informs you which business processes & tests are impacted by the upgrade. Opkey’s self-healing script technology enables users to rapidly repair malfunctioning tests, thereby 80% decreasing the effort required for test maintenance.

Omnichannel testing: Opkey’s cross-browser test automation interface runs tests continuously in the Cloud, on-premise, and on mobile. Our testing automation platform may work in any setting.

Seamless CI/CD DevOps integrations: Opkey provides support for dozens of DevOps tools, including Jenkins, Jira, & Bamboo Hudson. This adaptability enables clients to test whenever and wherever they choose.


Both business and technical users may automate their application testing in hours rather than months using Opkey’s no-code test automation company because of its user-friendly interface. Opkey, which supports more than 150 technologies and over 15 bundled apps, gives you the ability to automate single-app and cross-app tests without code. Key technical features include test discovery, one-click test creation, no-code test builder, impact analysis, self-healing scripts, and collaboration & report. Opkey integrates and functions flawlessly with your environment because of its numerous pre-built interfaces.

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