The Ultimate Tutorial: Putting on a Dog Harness and Lead Set Made Easy!

Are you tired of the daily struggle with your furry friend when it comes to putting on their harness and lead set? Well, fret no more! We’ve got you covered with our ultimate tutorial that will make this seemingly daunting task a piece of cake.

Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a newbie, we’ll guide you through step by step, ensuring that both you and your pup have an enjoyable and hassle-free experience every time. Get ready to put those struggles behind and embark on a stress-free adventure with your four-legged companion – let’s dive in!

Step 1: Place the Harness on the Floor

If your dog is apprehensive about wearing a harness, try to put it on in the comfort of your home before you take them out for a walk. It’s easier for both of you if your dog is calm and relaxed.

If you have a front-clip harness, place the circle over your dog’s head, ensuring the D-ring is at the center of the chest. Next, pull the straps that make up the belly band over their front legs. It may be a good idea to stand your dog up while doing this to help you locate the correct holes for their front legs.

Finally, bring the two side buckle components over your dog’s shoulders and click them in place. If your dog is apprehensive, make them sit & encourage them to place their paws into the leg loops of the harness. It’s important to remember that some dogs don’t like having their limbs touched, so don’t force it.

Step 2: Slip the Harness Over the Head

Depending on the type of harness you have, it can be put on in different ways. If you have a front-clip harness, tenderly slide it over your dog’s head so that the D-shaped ring is in the front & over their chest. This position ensures they will not escape the harness if they should run off.

If the harness has a back & front, you can unbuckle one side of the straps & lift them from under your dog’s legs. Then, slip the other side of the harness over their head & secure it in place.

If your dog is a little nervous about wearing the harness, it can help to command them to sit while you are trying to put it on. This will help reduce their anxiety & make the experience more enjoyable for them. Also, be sure to shower them with lots of praise during this process so that they associate the harness with something fun!

Step 3: Guide the Legs

Unlike a dog collar or tag, a dog harness is something new and exciting for most dogs, so it’s no surprise that they may feel nervous about putting one on. It’s important to take your time and make the experience a positive one so that your dog will learn to love their harness.

Tenderly slip the harness over your dog’s head, positioning the D-ring on their front and ensuring that it rests over their chest. If your dog nips or backs away, it’s a sign that they are feeling uncomfortable and you should reassess your approach.

Using the harness straps as a guide, gently slide your dog’s first leg through the leg hole that corresponds with its position in the harness. Repeat with the other leg. Once both legs are positioned in the harness, clip the buckle properly on your dog’s back. You should be able to slip two fingers comfortably underneath any strap for a secure fit.

Step 4: Buckle Up

To ensure your dog’s safety and comfort, it’s important to put on a dog harness and lead set correctly. A poorly fitted harness can lead to several problems, including the dog escaping from it, chafing, or restricting movement.

When it comes to putting on a harness, it’s always worth taking your time to make sure it’s done properly. This will also help your dog become more comfortable with it, which can reduce any initial resistance and anxiety they may have.

When you’re ready to begin, ask your dog to stand or sit in a calm, settled position. This will help them remain still, allowing you to place the harness over their head. Whether you’re using a step-in or over-the-head style, this process can be the same. Then simply reach over their shoulder to lift up the body loop straps and click them in place. Don’t forget to attach your lead to the two rings located above the buckle, which will allow you to control their movement during walks.


Properly putting on a dog harness and lead set is essential for the safety and comfort of both you and your furry friend. Following these simple steps, you can ensure your dog is secure and comfortable while on walks or adventures. Remember to always adjust the harness to fit your dog’s size and shape, and never leave them unattended while wearing one. With this ultimate tutorial, we hope that you feel confident in using a dog harness and lead set with ease!

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