Things to Do After a Truck Accident in Homestead

While any accident is unfortunate, those involving commercial trucks are the worst. People often suffer massive injuries in such mishaps in Homestead, and because trucks and 18-wheelers are massive in size, the impact on passenger vehicles is usually catastrophic. For many victims, recovering a fair settlement is the most complex task, and in such circumstances, it makes sense to seek the expertise of a truck accident lawyer. Below, we have enlisted things to do after an accident involving a big vehicle.

  1. Get medical care: Call 911 immediately if someone is seriously injured at the site. If you are hurt but don’t need immediate medical care, see a doctor as soon as possible as you need the records. At times, vehicle accidents result in injuries that are not immediately apparent, and if you don’t seek care, you may not have evidence to prove your claim.
  2. Report the accident: Don’t let anyone tell you that reporting the truck accident is not necessary. Even if the mishap didn’t result in disastrous outcomes, you are still required to call the local law enforcement according to Florida law. You can call Homestead police, and an investigating officer will usually come to the scene. Don’t leave until the officer asks you.
  3. Gather information: If you have a smartphone, use it to take pictures of your injuries, damaged vehicles, and everything else at the scene. Also, exchange information with the truck driver and other parties, including witnesses, but do not blame anyone. Videos and pictures can be useful when you file a lawsuit for compensation.
  4. Inform your insurer: Florida is one of the few states with a “no fault” system in place, and even in case of truck accidents, you will typically file a claim with your insurer to get the benefits of the PIP coverage. You should notify the insurer immediately but do not agree to give a statement. Do not accept the first offer from the claims adjuster.
  5. Call a truck accident lawyer: Law firms in Florida that handle truck accident claims work on a contingency basis, and even if you don’t need legal help, you should get an assessment of your claim. An attorney can fight for you, handle the paperwork, and when there is the required scope, they can file a lawsuit in court.

Keep your medical records safe, and don’t post anything related to the mishap on social media. Trust your lawyer when it comes to negotiating compensation.

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