Top tips for shooting in Escape from Tarkov for beginners

Many players who come to try their hand at Escape from Tarkov need to understand the basics of shooting, movement and tactics – because this is a fairly realistic simulator and without good skills and the right approach you will only die often, will not be able to kill opponents and will quickly lose interest in it project.


Tarkov is a story about a local conflict between two representatives of private military companies in small territories overflowing with resources and bandits.

For the survival of a fighter, it is important not only to be able to shoot well and accurately throw grenades, but also to be able to get weapons, ammunition, medicine and various equipment to simplify combat operations and victories.

Tarkov has a money system, and although this is a story about a military conflict, eft roubles and the ability to earn them can play a key role in your gameplay.

To get yourself new types of weapons and all the equipment, you need to go on combat missions, and this can be done both on the main character and by hiring someone neutral to the bandits and representatives of all PMCs.

If your main character dies somewhere, then you will lose him and all the property that was on him without insurance.

You will still have your level and supply of equipment and Tarkov roubles that remained in the peaceful camp.

In order to preserve key and important types of weapons and equipment for you, you need to insure them before going into combat, and then even death will not give looters access to the insured property.


Everything related to combat in Escape from Tarkov is as close to real combat as possible, of course.

This means that the accuracy and success of combat will be influenced by many factors.


If you want to shoot accurately and hit your enemy, then you need to take the right position from which you can shoot accurately enough and at the same time make it more difficult for the enemy to detect you and shoot back.

If you shoot while standing, then you make several mistakes at once.

Firstly, you are clearly visible, especially in open areas and from hills, and the enemy can quite easily hit you, including by accident – simply by firing a large number of bullets in the right direction.

Secondly, your accuracy is significantly reduced due to the lack of support. Part of the problem can be solved with the stabilization knob, but overall it is better to immediately accustom yourself to the correct fighting technique.

Of course, you can start the battle from the position from which it is convenient, especially if we are talking about defense, but the faster you disappear from the enemy’s field of view and start shooting accurately and accurately, the greater the likelihood of emerging victorious from the battle.

It is best to shoot from a sitting or lying position, depending on the terrain on which the battle takes place.

These positions allow you to hide from enemy gaze and fight on advantageous terms, including when using various covers.

In this position, you don’t even need a stabilization knob, because the weapon is already in a comfortable position, the exception being automatic and uncontrolled shooting, which wastes a lot of ammunition, forcing you to allocate Escape from Tarkov rubles for their purchase and is not accurate in any way case.

Types of shooting

You can use several variations of shooting according to your convenience and apply them depending on the game situation.

Single fire is the shooting of one cartridge at a time, where the emphasis is on accuracy and a quick and accurate shot to destroy enemies. It is most often used to start a battle, because when defending, places are not suitable for aiming and players often use burst fire and automatic fire to get out of the threat state.

Remember that when shooting with single fire, you need to aim the front sight, or the sight mark, slightly higher than the target, because Tarkov has a ballistics system for cartridges and if you shoot straight, the bullet will simply fly lower and will not harm the target.

The next type of shooting is bursts, or three rounds each. You fire a chain of bullets to increase your chance of critical damage against enemies. This format is suitable for medium to close range shooting, because when shooting at long distances, half of your bullets will miss and be wasted.

In close combat, the opposite is true – with the right and accurate approach, such shooting will guarantee the destruction of your target.

Automatic fire is a messy way to fight, which is often used by inexperienced players, or in a critical situation and a collision with the enemy in contact combat.

It is important in any situation to maintain the spray and the line of flight of the bullets so that they fly out in the right direction and have the opportunity to reach the target, and not just scatter in all directions.

Weapon accessories and amplifiers

In Tarkov you can find or buy various accessories for eft rubles that will help enhance the combat potential of your character.

First of all, these are sights of varying degrees of zoom. The better the scope, the closer you will see your opponents, but you should not primarily chase only the size, because in close and medium combat the x4 scope will hinder you rather than help you, and it is better to have two types of weapons for close and ranged combat.

Silencers or flame arresters will be very helpful to you to reduce the noise produced in battle and make it more difficult for the enemy to quickly determine your combat point.

They are not silent, but sometimes those few seconds while the enemy is looking for your shooting point, or looking for cover, will help you complete the battle in your favor.

Look for stabilization knobs and larger clips to make combat more accurate in all conditions and extend your fighting ability by increasing the number of rounds you can fire before reloading.

Otherwise, you will only have to find medicines that will help restore your health to continue the journey, or return to the peaceful camp safe and sound.

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