What Is a Microbrew? And How Can I Get Mine on Store Shelves?

The craft beer market has grown exponentially in the past few years. In 2022, the US craft beer market reached over $ 117 billion and is still expected to increase in the coming years.

Have you wanted to get in on the action? Perhaps you can’t make beer, but you want to brew something. You may even wish to sell it, but you may wonder how on Earth to get it on store shelves.

If you want to learn what is a microbrew and how you can get your creation on the store shelves, we’ve got you!

Continue reading to learn what you need to know!

What Is a Microbrew?

A microbrew is also known as a craft beer. It is a type of beer produced in small batches using traditional brewing techniques and high-quality ingredients.

Unlike mass-produced beers, microbrews are typically brewed by independent breweries. They focus on creating unique and flavorful varieties.

Today, microbrews have gained a solid following and continue to grow in popularity. These beers often feature experimental flavors and styles. They are sought out by beer enthusiasts who appreciate the attention to detail and creativity that goes into each batch.

Crafting Your Own Microbrew

Making a microbrew with the right ingredients and equipment can be a fun experience. The first step is to gather all necessary equipment, such as a large brewing pot, thermometer, and fermenter. Sanitization is vital in beer brewing, so ensure all surfaces and equipment are properly cleaned.

Next, select high-quality ingredients such as malt, hops, and yeast. Following a specific recipe, heat the malt in the pot and add hops throughout the boiling process.

The steps include malting, mashing, boiling, adding hops, fermenting, and bottling. Keeping a consistent and controlled temperature throughout the process is crucial.

Once cooled, transfer the mixture to a fermenter and add yeast. Let the mixture ferment for a few weeks before bottling and storing for another week. Feel free to experiment with different techniques to create a delicious microbrew.

Tips for Getting Your Microbrew on Store Shelves

Getting your craft beer cans on store shelves is crucial if you want to expand your brand. First, create a strong brand identity and packaging to stand out in a competitive market.

The key element of a strong brand identity is having a unique and memorable logo. It should reflect the values and story of the brewery. Consistently use the logo on all branding materials, including packaging, merchandise, and marketing.

Next, build relationships with local distributors. You can achieve this through participating in beer festivals and hosting tasting events.

You can also utilize social media to engage with potential customers. Offering samples and receiving feedback can also help sway store buyers.

With the growing popularity of microbrews, there are many opportunities to expand your reach. Be innovative and committed to quality to carve out a successful future in the beer industry.

Your Beverage Business Startup Guide

Microbrews are unique beers that offer a wide range of flavors and styles. And now that you know what is a microbrew, you shouldn’t be afraid to take a leap.

Get those microbrews out on store shelves and share your passion for artisanal brews! Don’t wait any longer; let your microbrew shine!

Since we’ve already talked about business, why not see what else we have on our topic-specific blog? Let’s keep the discussion going, and you could get your full business plan ready to crush for 2023!

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