Interpret Some Major Decoration Styles and Interpret the Space Aesthetics that Young People Love

For young people, being creative and trying new things is a big trait. Today’s young people have high requirements for design, because, in addition to focusing on traditional comfort, they pay more attention to the atmosphere of the space, and want to print their own “label” in the space, which is a good thing for design. In this blog, we discuss the general preferences of young people.

The General Preferences of Young People of Decoration

Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean style originated from the coastal lifestyle of Greece and Rome, using sea-sourced materials for decoration. It’s characterized by bold, colorful, and ethnic elements. Representing freedom and nature, it features clean lines, wooden furniture, arches, horseshoe doors, and white walls. Circular arches and corridors create a sense of perspective indoors. Non-load-bearing walls can be designed as landscape windows, showcasing both classical furniture texture and natural wear from the sea breeze. Natural colors highlight the open space

European Decoration Style

European style focuses on furniture, gorgeous yet fresh and elegant. European decoration is mainly white color, and decorative material patterns and shapes are more retro. European style is a very common decorative style, but now most of them cater to the casual and comfortable life concept style suitable for modern people and develop into today’s simple European style. European style gives a feeling of luxury and opulence, white, milky white, and various golden colors, combined with silver and other bright colors, combined with the unique European main structure, forming a unique luxury and rich wind. In general, the European style can not only give people a comfortable feeling. “Quiet” feeling, and fresh atmosphere “moving” feeling. Large to the kitchen, and bathroom, and small to the dining room decorative paintings, all show luxury. Rich style. European style suitable for the pursuit of fashion, luxury, and love sports owners use; Large bedrooms, duplexes, villas, and other large residential decorations suitable for European style.

Simple Style

A popular style that simplifies design elements and colors. Uses lighting and raw materials for soothing effects, reducing stress. Provides a simple and vibrant space to ease challenges. Features: Practical, high-rise design, emphasizes material accuracy, integrates diverse forms, and promotes transparency and brightness. Focuses on harmony between walls, floors, ceilings. Open, spacious, and uncluttered interior layout. Furniture and décor follow pure textures, emphasizing function. Incorporates industrial products, straight lines, modular designs for doors/windows. Now there are many young people who like simple room design, coupled with intelligent home, can bring a sense of human science and technology, from the loaded wifi door lock, the light automatically opens, as long as the voice input opens the furniture, the whole room is instantly filled with the warmth of home.

Major Decoration Styles


“Choose your favorite decoration style, not only improve the quality of life in a short period of time but more likely to change living habits, a long time not only will not produce aesthetic fatigue but is the blind medicine of labor life, when the body and mind are tired, the first thing that comes to mind is the home full of art”, this is the voice of the young generation. Thank you for reading!

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